Cal Management Group / Consultant CFO / COO


What makes Cal Management different?

Dan Calandro, Founder & COO 


Dan Calandro is a financial scientist and entrepreneur with a long track record of operational success and organizational development serving in roles such as Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of Operations and Manufacturing, and almost three decades experience in stock market research and analysis.

He is an award-winning author who for more than two decades built a reputation as a transformational leader who is driven by challenge, undeterred by obstacles, and dedicated to continuous improvement and furthering the standards of excellence.


          KEY TRAITS:

  • Different, Unconventional, Alternative
  • Honest, Principled, Competitive
  • Friendly, Candid, Wise
  • Experienced, Leader, Manager
  • Humorous, Passionate, Loyal
  • Terrible golfer, Avid player


Dan is an adaptable operator who for 20+ years has transformed organizations into engaging, motivated, and highly productive teams. 

He is an accountable leader with exceptional analytical skills who combines logic and creativity to devise business strategies that improve decision-making, strengthen position, streamline operation, and solve complex problems. 

A curious analyst with a keen eye for identifying opportunities and threats alike, Dan is known for successfully coaching and mentoring talent at all levels and functional disciplines.

He is a strong relationship builder, great communicator, and a tenacious competitor. But if there was one word…


Unique Blend of Credentials:

Dan has a special combination of passion, curiosity, and creativity that fuels his abilities to think critically, produce incredibly insightful views into business operations, and deliver innovative approaches to maximize performance. 

He applies those traits with advanced degrees in accounting, finance and economics, along with the experiences from two simultaneously occurring three-decade careers – one operating organizations and the other performing stock market research and analysis – to deliver a truly unique view into your operation and/or investment portfolio. 

The success of Dan’s process and approach is on full display in his award-winning book and innovative 15-51™ system, as both are easy to understand, simple to apply, and consistently produce far greater than average returns — which is classic Dan Calandro.

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