Cal Management Group / Consultant CFO / COO


Where's the Challenge?

Whether the need is problem identification, developing corrective strategies and tactics, or managing implementation, we can help.

We work with family offices, business owners and operators, and high-wealth individuals, to improve performance or overcome obstacles.

Simply put, we bring a fresh new perspective to your operation and decision-making process aimed at increasing performance and enhancing strategic position. 

We do so by developing meaningful relationships with you, the fundamentals of your enterprise, its key players, and the market segments you serve. 

All recommendations are inspired by your objectives and developed through sound analyses rooted in logic and common sense, fact and mathematics, 

The Process Never Changes

          Partial List of Service Expertise:
  • Operational Analysis (Performance Review)
  • Brainstorming & Strategizing (Identification)
  • Strategic Planning & Analysis (Correction Planning)
  • Expert Modeling (Decision-making and Forecasting)
  • Project Management (Implementation)
  • Strategic Review & Assessment (Measurement)
  • Presentations Prepared & Presented
  • Motivational Speaking & Teambuilding

Make Performance a Priority