Cal Management Group / Consultant CFO / COO


Executive Partnering

Because that’s what C-level teammates are – partners in strategic management.

Cal Management is simply a part-time player operating at your direction.

It is impossible to know everything and have every base covered, all the time. Hence the need for a team.

We specialize in independent strategic thinking, critical analysis, and operational support.

There is nothing more reassuring than knowing you have instant access to talent beyond your current reach to deliver alternative views and thought-provoking analysis. 

It also helps to know well-versed and skilled utility players are on the sidelines ready for your instruction to enter the arena. 

That’s who we are. 

It’s what we do. 

Strategy + Execution + Management = Performance


Strategize & Plan

A seasoned C-level player and great sounding-board and brainstormer, Dan parlays creativity and analytical ability with candor and good-nature to deliver honest, well-developed strategic recommendations and operational support.

Execute & Measure

We don’t just plan — we do.

Let us help manage the implementation of your strategic initiatives and measure their performance. Hold us accountable. 

Coordinate & Manage

Cal Management can work with your group of operators or Dan’s network of independent consultants that includes public accountants, lawyers, engineers, IT professionals, and more…

  • Senior Management Services
  • Management Coaching & Teambuilding
  • Motivational Speaking & Training

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