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Our Process Identifies
Those Hot Spots.

To find out where a brand needs help, we spend the first steps on identifying and determining the fundamental problems a business might be facing financially. There is always a solution.

We work with family offices, business owners, operators and high-wealth individuals.

Simply put, we bring a fresh new look into operations, business and investment portfolios. We’ll develop unique and strategic plan to survive and thrive in the economy of the future. Implementing Strategies, tactics that produced enhanced financial performance. 

How We Help

Executive Partnering

Because that’s what C-level teammates are – partners in operational management. Cal Management is simply a part-time player operating at your direction.

Hey, it’s lonely at the top, and sometimes the best advice comes from a fresh pair of eyes and ears who are seeing and listening for the first time – someone outside the operating box who is completely objective and unbiased to internal dynamics, smart, and creative enough to think far beyond the obvious. That’s Dan Calandro, a tenacious competitor willing to join your cause.


Intelligence, proper planning, speed, and precise execution result from sound leadership, effective team building, and clear communications. Cal Management delivers high-quality on-demand C-Level services specializing in financial and operational performance, and proficiency in all phases of strategic planning, implementation, and project management.

Are you making the most money you can, and should?

Are you well-positioned to capitalize on the ever-changing environment?

Or is there a critical issue to confront?

Investment Coaching & Analysis

Business is about making money and investment is about making money with money. The two are connected at the hip. To know a good business is to know a good investment, and vice-versa.

Award-winning author and financial scientist, Dan Calandro, delivers proprietary content and a unique perspective for your portfolio from his position free from an industry so easy to despise (i.e. the Wolf of Wall Street). Since Dan is not a registered financial advisor he has nothing to sell but his time, expertise, and frank candor. Join his investor network to get a steady dose of all three.

Let’s Discuss Your Needs and Our Ability to Satisfy Them

Investment Commentary

JANUARY 20, 2022

The lunacy in last year’s investment markets can be epitomized by the ever growing disconnect between real economic activity and the stock market, also known as the difference between Main Street and Wall Street. In a world with little sanity and logic the stock market is a great benchmark. But for all others the bond market is the best indicator of the economic tide. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has continued to pace at just 2% growth annually, which is the economic norm since recovering from the Great Recession more than ten years ago. This time around, however, the inflation rate…

DECEMBER 7, 2021

We keep hearing the Biden administration claim that his massive spending plan is totally paid for and won’t cost a thing, something they plan to achieve with tax increases and an additional 87,000 new IRS agents – you know, to track down the “rich bad guys” who aren’t paying their “fair share.” To believe such tomfoolery is to be totally ignorant of the facts and economics at play. THE BIDEN ECONOMY demonstrated the impossibility his fiscal plan would cost nothing on the most basic of premises – that big government and their according spending programs are extremely inflationary, a cost…

NOVEMBER 9, 2021

If you understand what’s going on in the world of money, economics and government policy, it’s plain to see that all of central governance is rife with corruption, riddled with erroneous information and false narrative, all of which is covered by a blanket of elitist arrogance intended to hide their incompetency and/or ill-founded motives. The Biden Administration is perhaps the most deceitful and dishonest in American history, and by far the most incompetent. In every case he appears either cognitively disabled or coherently incompetent,…