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Strategic Planning & Analysis

C-level boutique for business owners and operators, family offices, and high net worth individuals. 

Providing fractional CFO / COO services dedicated to streamlining operations and optimizing performance for businesses and investment portfolios.

Success Requires Many Things, first among them are a Well-Rounded Team and Good Teamwork.

Times change, conditions change, and markets change, which sometimes creates a gap in functional talent at the executive level.

This generally happens in periods of rapid growth or significant change, where reality creates a need for support or expertise beyond your current radius. 

Perhaps the need is temporary or short-term — or you’re not sure. Whatever the case, Cal Management was created to service those needs. 

We Help Improve Performance and Overcome Challenges

  • Fractional CFO & COO
  • Brainstorming & Strategizing
  • Strategic Planning & Analysis
  • Operating & Performance Analyses 
  • Streamlining Operations
  • Expert Modeling
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Make vs. Buy & Cost/Benefit Analyses
  • Project Management
  • ERP Systems & Upgrades
  • Turnarounds & Crisis Management
  • Investment & Portfolio Analysis
  • Investor Coaching & Instruction
  • Market Research & Analysis Projects

Let’s Strategize Together

Hey, it’s lonely at the top, and sometimes the best advice comes from a fresh pair of eyes and ears who are seeing and listening for the first time – someone outside the operating box who is completely objective and unbiased to internal dynamics.

Someone who has been there, and understands. 

Is your operation performing as it should?

Is your business well-positioned to capitalize on the new environment?

Is there an obstacle in your way?

Cal Management specializes in optimizing performance via strategic planning and analysis, prepared execution, and meticulous project management.

Does your portfolio perform as planned?

Does it behave as expected?

Are you entirely comfortable investing in today’s markets?

Dan Calandro untangles the mystery of high- performance investing and market dynamics like no one else: Clear. Concise. Understandable. 

Featuring an award-winning method. 

Dan Calandro, Partner

Making Money is a Performance Business

Dan Calandro is an independent critical thinker with a unique combination of passion, curiosity, and creativity that combine to make him an exceptional analyst and strategic planner. A professional number-two by trade and experience, Dan has a long and distinguished career streamlining operations, improving performance, and providing alternative outside-the-box solutions to complex challenges.

He also has an uncanny ability to transform complex findings into presentations that are easily appreciated by almost any audience or skill level. This is demonstrated quite clearly in his award-winning book on investment entitled, LOSE YOUR BROKER NOT YOUR MONEY. The book is easy to understand, the methods are simple to apply, and the results are astounding — the concepts of which can improve the performance of any portfolio.

Whatever its size and make-up, and whatever the overall objective. 

A problem identified is 90% resolved – the other half is doing the work.

Critical Thinker / Strategist / Facilitator

C-level Teammate



Chief Operating Officer

Award-winning Author



Independent Free-Market Capitalist

Innovator / Investor

Investment & Market Commentary

September 12, 2022

Like business, investment is all about performance (making money) – and because of it, their ultimate success is measured in terms of profit, profit margins, and ROI – the more the merrier.

Stocks achieved record highs just a few days into this year. But since then 2022 has been a rocky road to steady decline. Of the major market indices, the previously high-flying and tech-heavy NASAQ index has suffered the greatest loss, down a significant 23% so far this year. The S&P 500 has lost 15% since its January 4, 2022 all-time high, and stock market strength via the 15-51i Indicator™ once again bested the field…

June 14, 2022

Quantitative easing (QE) is a method used by the Federal Reserve to inject new currency (a.k.a. liquidity) into the monetary system. It was invented during the 2008 financial crisis to recapitalize an insolvent banking system – one that failed under reckless easy money and lending policies that catered to subprime mortgage borrowers (those with low credit scores, generally below 600).

Only big government central planners would make it easy for those with bad credit to borrow money to buy a house they can’t afford. Free-market lenders would never do such a thing.

Since the ‘08 crisis American government’s…

Inflation, Price Index chart with a rising red graph. The word Inflation three dimensional and yellow. Chart framed by different percentages on a blue background. 3D illustration

April 29, 2022

The recession that inspired the 2008 financial crisis feels like a lifetime ago, its subsequent expansion now more than a decade along. Since recovering from the Great Recession back in 2010 stocks have enjoyed the longest uninterrupted expansion in history, featuring boom-like returns during the slowest pace of economic growth since World War II. The QE-boom, as it should become known, was a time driven by the greatest expansion in monetary supply the world has ever witnessed.

Slow growth, fast money, and bad policy are an inflationary threat capable of shaving 40% from this stock market in a time that makes it seem like it happened yesterday. It is…