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How Do You Define Investment Success?

And Does Your Process Deliver It?

The #1 reason investors fail to achieve investment objectives is because they don't employ an allocation method that makes sense.

Top complaints of financial advisors:

  • Don’t place client’s needs first
  • Don’t deliver promised performance
  • Lack of communication or availability 
  • Hard to understand
  • Advisor logic seems flawed

Dan Delivers a Complete Solution

An allocation method Smarter by Design and Superior by Performance.

Backed by On-Demand Expert Services:

  • On-Demand Virtual Coaching & Support
  • Understandable Communications
  • Investment and Portfolio Analysis
  • Dan’s Winning 15-51™ Method
  • Proprietary Market Analysis & Commentary
  • Access to Dan’s Calendar, Message Boards, and Slack Community
  • Investor Roundtables, Coaching Forums, and Instructional Classes

As convincing as it is successful.

Fact based and logical…well written and interesting.

A method that makes sense.
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“Backed by reliable data.”
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“Very crucial topic, very crucial book!!!”

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Dan Calandro is a financial scientist and creator of an award-winning method that features his patent-pending 15-51™ allocation system that defies conventional “wisdom” and reliably produces more reward with less risk – not exactly cliche. But then again neither is Dan. 

The book is a great example of Dan’s strategic process, which delivers a winning strategy to build and manage portfolios that consistently achieve objectives. The book demonstrates how Dan created his portfolio.

Called the 15-51 Strength Indicator™, the purpose of Dan’s portfolio is to indicate how stock market strength is performing. To do so successfully it must produce above-average gains with less risk while moving in a “market-like” manner. It does so reliably. 

15-51™ = Strength 

Connect now to discuss how Dan’s innovative approach can strengthen your portfolio and increase performance — with less risk.

Dan's process delivers.

Service Point of Difference: Dan is not a registered financial advisor or third-party money manager so he has nothing to sell but time, expertise, and candid support derived from unregulated free speech and analysis. So if you’re looking for a second opinion or alternative method that actually delivers on the promise of investment, book a free exploratory discussion now. There’s nothing to lose.

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